Privacy Rules

We want Agile For Beginners to be an anonymous and safe space for anyone to ask questions about anything to do with agile, without feeling like they’re asking a ‘silly question’.

This way, we can help everyone improve, from the complete beginner looking to get started, to the person thrown in at the deep end and expected to be an expert from day one.

When you submit your question, we ask for your email address. This is for three reasons:

  • So we can notify you when your question has been answered.
  • So you can reply to us if the answer to your question still isn’t clear.
  • So we can send you other resources and learning materials we think you may find useful, if you’d like to receive them.

However, only the core team in Agile For Beginners will ever see your email address, and we will never divulge it to anyone else. To everyone else, you will be completely anonymous.

Click here for the full legal GDPR privacy policy.